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Reload Speed or, more accurately, Reload Time, is the amount of time it takes to reload a weapon. It also influences the amount of time it takes to "swap in" a weapon.

Reload Speed made its appearance on weapon cards in Borderlands 2. This stat was not visible in the original Borderlands, leaving players forced to test their guns. As of Borderlands 2, Reload Speed appears on the weapon cards.

Another feature this includes in Borderlands 2 is that if a player has reached a certain reload speed from class mod bonuses or Badass Rank, certain weapons will have a different reloading animation.

As rule of thumb, the bigger the magazine a weapon has, the longer the reload time. Other factors affecting the reload time are the weapon's stock (or lack thereof), its manufacturer, and its material grade.

Base reload time is determined by the type of weapon.

Weapon seconds
Repeater 2
Patrol SMG 2.2
Machine Pistol 2.25
Combat Rifle 2.4
Revolver 2.5
Support Machine Gun 3
Assault Shotgun 3.5
Rocket Launcher 3.5
Semi-auto Sniper Rifle 3.5
Combat Shotgun 4
Manual-action Sniper Rifle 4