A Relic is an in Borderlands 2 item that passively boosts one or more aspects of a character. Though the abilities of relics are extremely varied, they are generally powerful bonuses to one or more related statistics, many of which can be increased by no other means. A relic is different from an Artifact in that its use does not augment the user's Action Skill, is not restricted by class and may or may not be tied to a specific element. Relics appear only in Borderlands 2. All relics are made by Eridians.

Common Relics

  • Vitality Relic - Boosts the character's maximum health.
  • Allegiance Relic - Boosts a specific manufacturer's effects (reducing recoil, increasing damage, accuracy, reload speed, etc.). Can have a maximum of two effects simultaneously; both are applied to the same manufacturer.
  • Stockpile Relic - Boosts the munitions a character can carry of a specific class of weapons. Can also increase the maximum number of grenades a character can carry. Maximum of three can be increased simultaneously.
  • Protection Relic - Boosts shield capacity and/or recharge rate.
  • Aggression Relic - Increases weapon damage or fire rate with a specific weapon type (pistols, sniper rifles, etc.).
  • Resistance Relic - Boosts resistances to one or several elemental or non-elemental damage types. Maximum of four resistances may be present.
  • Tenacity Relic - Improves the bleed out time in Fight for Your Life before death, and/or improves the health characters revive with after a Second Wind.
  • Elemental Relic - Increases damage dealt with a specific elemental damage type.
  • Proficiency Relic - Improves Action Skill Cooldown Rate.
  • Strength Relic - Increases melee damage and/or Override Cooldown Rate.

Unique, Legendary and Seraph Relics

  • The Afterburner - Enhances vehicle capabilities including Boost Capacity, Boost Recharge Rate, Boost Recharge Delay.
  • Blood of Terramorphous - Regenerates 0.5% of your health every second. (Since a game update, the health regeneration will higher at higher levels, up to a maximum of 1.6% at OP 8).
  • Captain Blade's Otto Idol - Restores a portion of the user's health on kill, Decreases Fight For Your Life duration.
  • Moxxi's Endowment - Increases experience gained by killing enemies.
  • Sheriff's Badge - Increases pistol fire rate, pistol damage, Increased Fight For Your Life duration and max health by 15% for every Deputy's Badge in the party.
  • Deputy's Badge - Increases shotgun damage and reload speed. +10% duration to Fight For Your Life for every equipped Deputy's Badge in the party.
  • Vault Hunter's Relic - Increases the chance of finding rare loot by 5%. (Chance of enemies dropping green rarity loot instead of white)
  • Lucrative Opportunity - Speeds up the Shop Timer Rate, the time taken for the vendors and their machines to restock.
  • Blood of the Seraphs - Increases health statistics and adds health regeneration. No longer changes stats each time the relic is equipped.
  • Might of the Seraphs - Enhances melee ability and melee override cooldown rate.
  • Breath of the Seraphs - Grants bonus damage and health regeneration for a short time after killing an enemy to gain Second Wind.
  • Shadow of the Seraphs - Increased chance of firing an extra bullet after a shot, similar to Zer0's Tw0 Fang.
  • Mysterious Amulet - Visual aura at wearers' feet that grows and changes based on the number of players in game with the amulet equipped.
  • Hard Carry - Increases Fight For Your Life Time and health while on Digistruct Peak.
  • Mouthwash - Increases damage for the Toothpick.

Ancient E-tech Relics

  • Blood of the Ancients - Increases max health and ammo carrying capacity.
  • Bone of the Ancients - Increases Damage of one elemental type and improves Action Skill Cooldown Rate.
  • Heart of the Ancients - Increases Damage from one specific weapon type, improves Fight for Your Life time and the HP gain from Second Wind.
  • Skin of the Ancients - Increases resistances of up to three elemental types, including non-elemental. Also improves shield Recharge Rate and/or Capacity.


  • Relics that boost stats by a variable percentage have their stat calculated by two variables. The first is the level of the relic and the second is the grade. The latter ranges between 7 to 15 and can result in obtaining a higher level relic that has worse stats than a lower level one. This also applies for Overpower levels, which mean the best version of the relic is usually obtained at the highest Overpower level at grade 15.

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