Reflux is a legendary shotgun in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Hyperion. It can only be obtained from GenIVIV in Voracious Canopy on Eden-6 while playing on Mayhem level 6 or above.

Special Weapon Effects

That's gotta burn. – Always corrosive. Fires 7 or 14 projectiles in a biohazard symbol pattern. Hitting an enemy has a chance to cause powerful corrosive bolts chaining from the target hit to nearby enemies.

Usage & Description

Reflux pattern

The pattern of the Reflux.

The Reflux is functionally identical to the Brainstormer with the main difference being that it deals corrosive damage instead of shock. This pairs well with Flesh Melter artifacts, as the Reflux's ability to damage multiple enemies simultaneously allows characters to gain Flesh Melter stacks quickly and increase the Reflux's damage.


  • Despite dealing corrosive damage, the Reflux always spawns with the shock element weapon part, giving it blue lights and the ability to spawn with the Cash-Infused prefix.


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