The Redemption is a legendary rocket launcher manufactured by Torgue.

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Special Weapon Effects

Monster Kill! – Higher damage and larger blast radius than usual, but with slower rocket velocity. Consumes 4 rockets per shot.

Usage & Description

The Redemption is one of the most powerful single-shot rocket launchers in Borderlands. Elemental versions benefit from its high damage and large blast radius, increasing the range of elemental effects. This extra power comes at the cost of large ammo consumption and slower rocket velocity. The Redemption's accuracy and fire rate are otherwise average for rocket launchers. The Redemption's special effect comes from its barrel meaning it can never come in Helix or Burst fire versions.

Like most rocket launchers, it is best fired at the ground in the middle of groups or close to the feet of targets allowing the blast or elemental damage to take effect. If the Redemption is being used as a primary weapon, the use of an ammo regeneration class mod is suggested due to its high ammo consumption.


  • The Redemption only requires that at least a single rocket be loaded into the weapon to fire.
    • The "missing" Rockets will actually be consumed from the ammo stock.
    • There may be a transitional period after firing but before reloading where the HUD will not correctly display the correct amount of ammo, but the rockets will have been consumed.
    • If a character does not have 4 rockets total, the weapon will not fire.
  • 5-Rocket Magazine Redemptions can fire twice before reloading, but still consume 4 ammo per shot.
  • The slow travel speed of the Redemption can be mitigated by the Siren's High Velocity skill.


  • The Redemption and its red text are references to the Redeemer, an instant-death miniature nuke from the Unreal Tournament game series. Firing a Redeemer into an area full of enemies could easily result in a "Monster Kill", which is six kills in quick succession.


The Redemption effect comes from the barrel4_Torgue_Redemption barrel, which is based on barrel4_1shot. barrel4_1shot only carries 1 rocket, making both barrels equivalent in terms of shots fired before reload. The barrel4_Torgue_Redemption has a huge increase in damage, however, it should be noted that most Rocket Launchers with barrel4_1shot benefit from the Title_Accuracy1_Harpoon or the Title_Damage1_Destructor titles. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

barrel4_Torgue_Redemption barrel4_1shot
Clip Size:4
Shot Cost:4
Clip Size:1
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