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RedBelly are two bosses in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel that appears in Crisis Scar. Red and Belly are a pair of Scav leaders.
Red is a Lil' Scav wearing a full-sized helmet who sits atop Belly to appear as one figure.


The Merrif, being forced by Colonel Zarpedon to surrender to the Lost Legion, agreed to support with a jamming signal that disables Helios's defenses. The override signal is protected by Red and Belly, leaders of their own scav gang.


Red and Belly challenge the Vaunt Hunters to a fight after they intrude the old facility to disable the jamming signal. Both are killed in the fight.



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  • Red: "Finally, a proper bloody fight!"
    Belly: "Well, I just ate, but... LET'S BOOGIE!"
    - RedBelly's introductory cutscene


  • Belly has an increased chance of dropping the legendary Striker shotgun and the following heads:
  • Belly's critical hit point is his head, while Red's critical hit point are his legs.
  • Red is the only source for the unique Black Snake submachine gun.
  • Sometimes, if Red is killed after Belly, Lil' Scavs will continue to spawn in RedBelly's Arena until Crisis Scar is exited.
  • Red can't be frozen. Belly can, though Red must be separated from him for this to happen.


  • The name and appearance of RedBelly are a reference to the Australian bushranger Ned Kelly.
    • Their a discussion in an ECHO recording about Belly's missing leg armor and Red's critical hit area are a reference to how Ned Kelly was taken down with shots to his hip and thigh.
  • The name RedBelly and the Black Snake are also references to the Australian Snake, the Red-bellied black snake.
  • An ECHO recorder found in the area implies that Red and Belly have been deputized by the Meriff, as they are now on "this side of the law."