Recruitment Drive is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Put up some posters for Rose and the Concordia People's Front.



"The Concordia People's Front needs you for the revolution."
  • Pick up recruitment posters
  • Place recruitment posters: 0/3
  • Burn rival party's posters: 0/3


This timed failable optional mission is available from the Triton Flats Bounty Board. An incendiary weapon is useful for this mission, but not necessary due to the presence of incendiary barrels at each competition poster location. Once accepted, the recruitment posters must be picked up at the People's Front's secret base in the western Burraburra area of Triton Flats. The facility is accessed via a skylight destroyed by shooting a pair of exploding barrels. Three recruitment posters must be placed at designated areas and three rival party's posters must be burned, all within four minutes.

People's Front poster locations
  • One poster must be placed on the wall near the second story entrance to the interior of the building at the Troll Booth, the scav defended building near the bridge.
  • Another poster must be placed on the Triton Flats bounty board at Dieman's Crater, which is located near the primary exit to Concordia.
  • One final poster must be placed on the exterior wall of the building supporting the scav SAM turret at So Much Serenity. The poster location is easily accessed using the elevated walkway from the adjoining building.
Rival party's poster locations
  • A rival party's poster is located on the wall next to the elevator on the lower level of the Lunar Junction. There is an incendiary barrel on the floor near the poster that may be used to ignite the poster.
  • Another rival party's poster is located on a wall near the locked entrance to the Stingray garage at Shimmer Island, near the geographical center of Triton Flats. Another convenient incendiary barrel is directly next to it.
  • One final rival party's poster is located on the wall next to the Moon Zoomy console in The Grabba, which is co-located with the Triton Flats fast travel station. An incendiary barrel is also nearby.

Once all posters are placed and all rival party's posters are destroyed within the time limit, the mission may be turned in at the bounty board.


"How'd that bit of civil disobedience feel?"

Turn In: Bounty board

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