The Rebel is a legendary repeater pistol manufactured by Vladof.

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Special Weapon Effects

Never stop shooting! – Extended magazine, high damage, high fire rate.


The Rebel is the type of legendary weapon that has no special abilities or phenomenal stats, but has the advantage of simply having above-average stats without sacrificing any other stat.

The Rebel shares several characteristics with the S&S Thanatos, such as a large magazine and no notably weak stat. Like the Thanatos, the part that makes a Rebel is its magazine, allowing Rebels to spawn with a great variety of parts.


The Rebel effect comes from the mag3_Vladof_Rebel magazine. It is not based on any specific part, but is overall superior to every other generic magazine. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

mag3_Vladof_Rebel mag1 mag2 mag2a
Clip Size: +22
Reload Speed: -15%
Damage: +12%
Fire Rate: +20%

Reload Speed: -30%
Clip Size: +4 Clip Size: +6
Reload Speed: -50%

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