Reaver's Edge is an unique sniper rifle in Borderlands manufactured by Dahl.

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Special Weapon Effects

The cutting edge – 3.2x Weapon Zoom, +2 magazine size, high tech.

Usage & Description

Reaver's Edge is a standard semi-automatic sniper rifle with a very powerful scope, second only to the Cyclops in its magnification. This scope makes the weapon difficult to use at close range. It can spawn with any barrel, stock, or accessory, as well as either of the semi-auto sniper rifle bodies or magazines, so different versions will differ greatly in potential application.

Drop Guide

  • Drops from Reaver.
  • May spawn with Dahl Penetrator barrel to make it fully automatic.


The Reaver effect comes from the ReaversEdge_sight4 sight. It is made of the unique material ReaversEdge_Material. This material shares traits with other Dahl materials. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

ReaversEdge_sight4 sight4 sight5
Zoom End FOV: -400%
Spread: -50%(When scoped, post apply)
Clip Size: +2
Tech Level: +4
Zoom End FOV: -200%
Spread: -50%(When scoped, post apply)
Zoom End FOV: -300%
Spread: -70%(When scoped, post apply)
Accuracy Maximum: -60%
Recoil: -20%
Accuracy Regen Rate: -20%
Spread: +15%


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