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Reaper is a legendary machine pistol manufactured by Hyperion.

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Special Weapon Effects

Slice Slice – +300% Melee damage (+100% in the non-enhanced edition due to a bug). Injuring an enemy with this weapon's blade will restore health to the wielder. Increased fire rate and accuracy.

Usage & Description

The Hyperion Reaper is one of the rarest guns in Borderlands, often competing with pearlescent guns for rarity. The character healing effect only triggers on attacks made with the attached blade. Manufactured by Hyperion, the Reaper is one of the fastest and most accurate pistols available and is precise enough to be used as a long-range pistol. However, the accessory slot is occupied by a blade, making Double or Elemental Reapers impossible.


  • The 300% melee damage effect was bugged in the original game, causing it to deal the normal 100% melee damage typical of pistol blade attachments.
    • This bug has been fixed in the Enhanced Edition.


  • The weapon name, flavor text, and special weapon effect are a reference to the Grim Reaper's scythe, used for taking people's souls upon contact.


The Reaper effect comes from the acc1_Hyperion_Reaper accessory. It is the only accessory that provides increased Fire Rate or increased Accuracy. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

acc1_Hyperion_Reaper acc1_Fanged
Melee Damage: +300%
Fire Rate: +25%
Spread: -25%
Melee Damage: +100%