Razor is the title of a group of revolvers with the highest quality melee accessory. They offer greatly increased melee damage in exchange for a decreased melee attack rate.

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Usage & Description

Razors are conventional revolvers with bladed accessories attached to them. As firearms, they are only average, since the razor accessory displaces potentially more deadly accessories such an elemental, masher, or stabilizer accessory. In melee, however, they triple the damage of each strike, with this tripling taking place after every other bonus has been factored into the damage calculation, including Venom or Lethal Strike.


Razor is a Title(Title_Acc1_Razor) that is granted to Revolvers with a top-rank blade accessory (or acc1_Razor). Revolvers with the lesser double-damage accessory (acc1_Bladed) are instead eligible for the Bladed prefix. The characteristic of the weapon are granted by the accessory itself, not the title, which only appears should no other title be available. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret these modifiers.

acc1_Bladed acc1_Razor
Melee Damage: +100% Melee Damage: +200%


  • The Razor accessory takes place of a possible elemental accessory, therefore there are no Maliwan-made Razors.
  • The title "Razor" only appears should the revolver fail to qualify for a more prestigious title, such as Law, Justice or Viper.
  • All Razors have the highest-quality revolver melee accessory. Revolvers with the lower-quality double-damage melee accessory are instead eligible for the Bladed prefix.
  • Critical hits in melee with the Razor will enjoy an additional 100% damage bonus not shown on the weapon's gun card. This bonus is applied alongside all other critical bonuses, but before the Razor tripling.
  • All pistols with melee accessories, including Razors, have a slower attack animation, requiring about 1.25 seconds for each melee strike. If the player presses the melee button while the animation is still playing, they may lose an attack round, and must wait for the duration of an attack until another melee swing becomes possible. To use them effectively, a player must not spam the melee button, but rather time the button presses carefully. Shotguns with melee accessories do not suffer from this problem.
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