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The Raven is a legendary combat rifle manufactured by Dahl.

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Special Weapon Effects[]

2 more bullets make all the difference – Shoots in bursts of 5 rounds instead of 3. Higher stability.

Usage & Description[]

Ravens are identified by their unique 5 round burst. Strangely enough, the Raven's 5 round burst often leaves one extra round in the magazine due to its mandatory 21-round clip. The Raven's recoil is negligible. It is a very good weapon between the standard Support Machine Gun and the standard Combat Rifle. It is best used at medium range, and is able to score multiple critical hits in rapid succession due to its low recoil.


The special effect comes from the mag3_Dahl_Raven magazine, which is a heavily modified mag3, with extra accuracy and extra tech. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

mag3_Dahl_Raven mag3
Clip Size: +9
Reload Speed: +30%
Accuracy Minimum: -40%
Accuracy Maximum: -10%
Tech Level: +3
Clip Size: +6
Reload Speed: +30%


  • The standard clip sizes of combat rifles means that the Raven will not always finish the clip with a full five-shot burst. Roland can circumvent this by careful tweaking of his Overload and Assault skills.
  • It is possible to interrupt the burst by reloading, unscoping, or changing weapons.
  • The Raven's five-round burst has a very tight spread, therefore it is relatively easy to take out distant targets by aiming at the chest and hitting it with a burst. The extra two shots can tip the balance and kill the enemy.