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A bunch of Ratches in the outskirts of the Metroplex

Ratch are an insectoid species in Borderlands 3, found throughout the Galaxy in infestations, but are more commonly seen on Promethea.


Ratch are a species that resemble a hybrid of cockroaches and rats. The Ratch life cycle appears to switch between flight and flightless versions as the creature matures, with baby Ratch existing as Ratch Swarms that fly about in fly-like clusters. Common Ratch resemble rats with an exoskeleton, with "wings" that cover two breathing holes that allow them to breathe through their backs. As they mature, Ratch begin appearing more insect-like, becoming Ratch Spitters that can fly through the use of wings while spitting acid at its predators. The largest Ratch are Ratch Broodmothers and Ratch Nests, which are unable to fly and act as the reproductive members of the species. All Ratch bleed bile green blood when hurt.

Ratch are considered the galaxy's pests, and are universally treated similarly to cockroaches of the real world. They are known to live in disgusting and filthy places, usually making nests in abandoned areas or trash heaps. Due to the poor, desperate living conditions of many locations in the galaxy, some food corporations such as Dynasty Diner resort to using Ratch meat as a main ingredient in their food, which is typically kept a secret to their customers for obvious reasons. On Athenas, pickled Ratch livers are used in the brewing process for the alcohol drunk by Athenas monks at the Holy Spirits.

Ratch appear to reproduce via egg sacs, which are usually planted on surfaces and act as lootable objects that provide money, guns or ammo.


A Ratch's main means of attack is their teeth and claws, which they will use to rip into their enemies, either with a simple bite or swipe, or a powerful lunge. They are also capable of a ranged attack, launching a volley of spikes at their enemies at a distance. Some archetypes bear wings, which allows them to hover above the battlefield while still able to harass their aggressors. Despite appearing in large numbers, each individual is usually very weak and can easily be felled with any firearm, especially with Incendiary rounds.

Ratch are also capable of cannibalizing their dead brethren, nourishing themselves while healing up any harm done to them. If a healthy Ratch cannibalizes its fallen, it is capable of eventually gaining up to two additional health bars.

Ratch Types

Common Ratches

Bloody Harvest Common Ratches

Notable Ratch


  • The plural of "ratch" appears to also be "ratch", similar to other animal words like "fish", "sheep", "deer", or "moose".