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Rat Thieves have almost no interest in fighting, instead, they are interested in pilfering a sizeable chunk of money from unsuspecting travelers. They appear in areas populated by bandits.



Rat Thieves crawl around on all fours very quickly, quietly and often from behind their targets. If a Rat Thief is successful in his attempt to steal money, he will quickly scamper off to bury his newfound treasure. If he successfully buries the money he has stolen, it will become unrecoverable. The money can be recovered if the Thief is killed before he buries the money.


  • Unlike most other types of rats, Rat Thieves wear no gas masks.
  • Rat Thieves can steal money from Gaige's Deathtrap, Axton's Sabre Turret, or Zer0's hologram, increasing the amount of money they drop when killed, however the money isn't stolen from the player's reserves.
  • When a Rat Thief steals money from a Vault Hunter and is killed at the same time, it is possible that the stolen money will not be dropped causing it to be lost forever.
  • In True Vault Hunter Mode they are renamed Rat Bastard, and in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode they are renamed Despicable Rat Bastard


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