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Ramtauruses are a species of Saurian that are native to Eden-6 in Borderlands 3.



Ramtauruses are medium sized Saurians that prefer close range but can also fight at medium range. On Normal Mode, they are flesh targets but are armored on True Vault Hunter Mode.

Ramtauruses have the following attacks:

  • Bite - close-range melee attack.
  • Tail swing - a 360° swing of its tail.
  • Charge - running headbutt in a straight line towards the Vault Hunter that throws them into the air.
  • Tail Smash - if the charge misses and the Vault Hunter is behind it, it may smash its tail against the ground, sending a trail of rocks towards the Vault Hunter.
  • Spike Throw - Throws explosive spikes from its tail.