Ramtauruses are a species of Saurian that are native to Eden-6 in Borderlands 3.



  • Ramtauruses are medium sized Saurians that prefer close range but can also fight at medium range.
  • On Normal Mode, they are flesh targets but are armored on True Vault Hunter Mode.
  • Ramtauruses have the following attacks:
    • Bite - close-range melee attack.
    • Tail swing - a 360° swing of its tail.
    • Charge - running headbutt in a straight line towards the Vault Hunter that throws them into the air.
    • Tail Smash - if the charge misses and the Vault Hunter is behind it, it may smash its tail against the ground, sending a trail of rocks towards the Vault Hunter.
    • Spike Throw - Throws explosive spikes from its tail.


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