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Rakkinishu is a large grey rakk that swoops down and breathes fire on its foes. It attacks while characters are obtaining the Tannis Journal Entry day 224 in the mission Hidden Journal: Rust Commons West. Rakkinishu drops loot just like any other boss monster, but it will always drop the Cracked Sash, a shield that recharges quickly, but has a low total capacity.


Rakkinishu can be found in The Rust Commons West, in the middle of the northernmost part of the map. It is found west of Tannis' digsite and north of the bridge, just a little beyond and left of the windmill to the right of the bridge. It will circle around a collection of two huts, which contain dead bandits and several containers of money.



Rakkinishu flies above the field of battle, pausing to unleash a jet of flame at targets on the ground. It has moderately high health, and this coupled with its swooping flight can turn any fight against it into a protracted battle. Shotguns are extremely effective against the large foe, preferably a shotgun with high rate of fire and (at least) mediocre damage. Machine guns with high rate of fire and recoil reduction make another excellent choice, although this will burn through ammo quickly. Explosive weapons are a good choice to use against Rakkinishu because of his weakness towards it.

Anyone fighting Rakkinishu should avoid getting caught in the flame jet. Several huts around the area offer ample protection and can be used to recover.



  • Rakkinishu is a reference to Rakanishu, a Carver boss from Diablo II. Diablo II is a game with a similar item collection to Borderlands and has often been referenced by Gearbox developers as an inspiration for Borderlands.