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Rakkaholics Anonymous is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by Mordecai. It becomes available after Wildlife Preservation is complete.


"Given what happened to Bloodwing, Mordecai wants to get superbly drunk. He has, quite simply, asked you to get him enough booze to knock out a rakk hive. You can steal rakk ale from the booze runners in The Dust."



Get Booze for Moredecai
  • Pick up kegs o' beer 0/10
  • Bring beer to Mordecai



The booze that Mordecai wants is fastened to the roof of a moonshiner van that races around The Dust. The moonshiner is slower than a light runner and travels the Dust in a counter-clockwise circuit that loops around in front of Ellie's Garage at one end and Old Dahlwell Oasis at the other. The barrels must be shot at, which dislodges them so that they can be collected by the player.

When five barrels have been collected, Moxxi ECHOs her intent to offer Rubi in exchange for the booze. Mordecai then counters this with an offer of a sniper rifle. Subsequently they continue into back and forth ECHOs concerning the breakdown of their brief relationship.


"You delivered the booze. Huzzah, and stuff!"

Turn In: Mordecai or Moxxi

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  • Moxxi rewards the Rubi, while Mordecai rewards the Sloth.
  • Text of 'Rakk-ale' item reads: WARNING: rakk-ale is nothing more than rebranded paint thinner. Do not drink it. Unless you like drinking paint thinner.
  • The first NPC talked to (Mordecai or Moxxi) while the turn in is active (without turning in the mission) becomes the result of the turn in, regardless of who the mission is actually turned in to.

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