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The Rakk Hive is a gigantic alien quadruped with four pearl-like eyes and multiple holes spread across its back. These holes are home to flights of rakk, which themselves will swarm to attack anything that gets near the Hive. The Rakk Hive is a boss enemy encountered during the mission Another Piece Of The Puzzle.


It’s uncertain whether the Rakk and Rakk Hive have a symbiotic or parasitic relationship. A picture of the Rakk Hive with its mouth censored out appeared on the cover of a xenobiology journal, sparking interplanetary scientific debate over ethics and censorship. The controversy overshadowed the questions being proposed by the journal regarding whether or not the relationship between the Hive and the Rakk is parasitic or symbiotic, which eventually led to unacceptably slow findings and the loss of funding for the scientists.

The hibernation cycle of a Rakk Hive is noticably longer than that of the other species on Pandora. They are visible in their dormant state by their exposed backs protruding above the ground while most of their body remains submerged. Unlike the Rakk Hive found at the Trash Coast, they will not awaken. However, rakk will still fly out of their exposed backs.


Rakk Hive 3

Rakk Hive Corpse

Patricia Tannis has detected evidence of a piece of the Vault Key in the Trash Coast and sends the Vault hunters to retrieve it. Barring their way is a surprise encounter when the Rakk Hive heaves itself free from the earth and attacks the Vault Hunters.



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  • The Rakk Hive's name differs on different playthroughs: Rakk Hive on Playthrough 1, Awesome Rakk Hive on Playthrough 2, and Ultimate Rakk Hive after Playthrough 2.
  • Since Patch 1.4.1, the Rakk Hive has lost its ability to send out rakk from its back after playthrough 2. The animation still plays, though no rakk will emerge.
  • Has a chance to drop the Leviathan, a unique rocket launcher, upon death.


  • The Rakk Hive was the first boss to be publicly revealed for Borderlands, appearing in certain promotional videos before the game's release.
  • Hibernating Rakk Hives can be found in:
  • A Rakk Hive appears in the Claptrap Web Series, shown to be kicking a psycho through a field goal post used in American Football.
  • A poster in T-Bone Junction advertises Rakk Hive rides for the whole family.
  • In Scorched Snake Canyon, on the floor the first open pit mine encountered, lies a huge skeleton of what appears to be a Rakk Hive. The skeleton has the remains of a drilling rig still attached to its back and head suggesting that Rakk Hives were domesticated or enslaved and used to facilitate mining operations on Pandora.
  • If Rakk Hive is continuously attacked from behind it will spew a green liquid out of its anus.
  • The Rakk Hive can be obtained as a weapon trinket in Borderlands 3.

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