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Rakk Attack! is the Action Skill of FL4K's Hunter skill tree. This skill has multiple charges, and each charge summons two rakk which dive-bomb enemies, dealing damage in an area.


  • Damage: varies with character level
  • Cooldown: 18 seconds


  • The cooldown time is the time it takes to recover one charge of Rakk Attack!
  • Activating Rakk Attack! can trigger all anointments that happen on both action skill start and action skill end.
  • Anointments that work while an action skill is active do not work with Rakk Attack!
  • Rakk Attack! receives all bonuses from increased splash damage and grenade damage.


  • The text "In your mind, you can fly" is a line from the song Ants of the Sky by progressive metal band Between the Buried and Me.
  • Sometimes Rakk Attack! will appear to not recharge. This is just a visual bug and the action cooldown remains the same.

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