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A Rain Grenade is a fuse-based grenade that has been equipped with a Rain Grenade Mod. Rain Grenades throw themselves into the air and fire down upon unsuspecting enemies. Rain Grenades are manufactured by Atlas.

Usage and Description

Rain Grenades have a fuse approximately 2 seconds long. After thrown Rain Grenades will bounce off surfaces or enemies until they come to rest or the fuse expires. The grenade will then pop up into the air approximately 10 to 12 feet and shower down the element that it is equipped with: electric bolts for Shock damage, acid for Corrosive damage, flames for Incendiary damage, and explosive blasts for Explosive damage. Rain grenades have a rather small cone-shaped radius but deal massive elemental damage to a concentrated area and are extremely effective on stationary enemies or clustered groups of enemies. Because of their nature, getting stuck under overhead obstructions will impede the Rain grenade's "pop-up" and keep them from detonating. Care should be taken in placing Rain grenades so that they will have ample overhead room; they are best used in open areas such as caverns with high ceilings or outdoors.


  • A Rain grenade's elemental downblast is only as long as the distance that it pops up from its detonation, approximately 10 to 12 feet. A Rain grenade that detonates too far overhead may not damage enemies too far beneath it. Explosive Rain grenades are the exception; explosive blasts will fall to the ground regardless of the height of the grenade's detonation.
  • Rain grenades are ineffective against air-borne enemies as the detonation is fuse-based rather than contact- or proximity-based.
  • A glitch associated with terrain mapping may cause Rain grenades to disappear after landing or hitting something instead of detonating. This is more likely to occur when the grenade leaves the player's line of sight. To reduce this possibility either make sure the grenade remains in the line of sight from collision to explosion, or, if necessary to take cover, hide behind objects that are placed rather than part of the mapped terrain.

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