Raiders of the Last Boss is an optional mission in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep.


"Mayhem awaits. Bring friends."


  • Make an offering
  • Summon the dragons
  • Kill the dragons


In Lair of Infinite Agony, the marked objective is a brazier in the hands of a statue. With 20 Eridium placed in the bowl, a portal opens which will allow access into The Winged Storm. Once inside the only thing left to do is to drop down into the arena and summon the Ancient Dragons of Destruction by touching a scroll.

Vault Hunters will be out in the open, with no cover, so good shields and other defensive reinforcements become an important consideration for the fight. Adaptive shields offer valuable elemental resistance, and Booster shields can help with restoring shield energy. Defensive relics and class mods will similarly help, especially if matched to act in harmony with the chosen shield. Transfusion effects, from grenades or Moxxi-branded weapons, will assist with restoring lost health, and the available shrines also include a "Defense Shrine" for those wishing to spend 1 Eridium for its restorative benefit. Be extremely careful with Rocket Launchers . While they can be effective in seriously damaging a specific dragon so the fight becomes easier, it isn't uncommon for one of the airborne dragons to fly down towards the platform without landing, and may get in the way of the shot at such a close range that the person who fired it may accidentally down themselves from their own friendly fire.

Dealing enough damage to any one dragon will make that dragon land, giving a stationary target to focus on. If the damage is scattered or otherwise ineffective, the dragons can land randomly. The order in which the dragons are killed does not necessarily matter, however Boost and Healianth are priority targets because they can make the fight more difficult the longer it persists.

Each dragon has unique abilities. Healianth heals all dragons to full health and does high damage to non-Adaptive shields with his attacks. Boost increases all other dragon's level by one each time he lands, and his attacks can Slag Vault Hunters, even while airborne. Incinerator will cloak himself with his wings while grounded, reflecting bullets back at the attacker, and can also ignite large portions of the arena, which can make it difficult to rescue a downed Vault Hunter in Fight for your life. It's best to simply ignore Incinerator when he arrives on the platform for a brief period, and focus on the ground below the Vault Hunter. The burning coals below the grates will burn bright yellow just before igniting, so all party members should do their best to keep moving and watch their footing. Brood's attacks are easy to dodge and it summons Green Basilisks for achieving Second Winds.

If killing dragons before they take flight again is difficult then the order should have Healianth as first and Boost as last since Healianth will heal damage done to the other dragons and Boost will up the level of all other dragons. On the other hand, if the Vault Hunters are effective in defeating dragons relatively quickly then Boost should be first to preclude random landings followed by Healianth to prevent healing. In any event, Brood can be left relatively alone unless a fight for your life situation is foreseeable and damage can be focused on him to cause a landing for Green Basilisks to be summoned.

Salvador can have a Miss Moxxi weapon in one hand, and a high damage weapon in the other hand, which lets him regenerate his health and simultaneously deal high damage. Inconceivable and Money Shot are invaluable for this strategy. Wielding a powerful weapon of the same type as the Moxxi weapon being used, along with Divergent Likeness, is also recommended.

For the above reasons, in team play, a Gunzerker can always be at the core for damage output. However, Sirens, Psychos, and Commandos make excellent teams. Sirens can Res from a distance, Psychos can survive with Elemental Empathy and a Grog Nozzle for revives, and Commandos can provide cover with Phalanx Shield turrets. With the right combination, strategy and damage output, controlling which dragons land can overcome scattered damage from torrents and Flame of the Firehawk shields. Should a Mechromancer be in the party, it is highly recommended to make sure all skill points are put into damage skills, especially Anarchy. Deathtrap should be used cautiously and sparingly, mainly due to the fact that Deathtrap will fire lightning at the dragons in the air. This can cause one of the dragons you don't want to land, to land.


Upon completion, a massive quantity of loot will erupt from the middle of the arena, including one of their unique Seraph items, a large number of seraph crystals, and a great deal of Eridium. A bridge will also appear, granting access to a massive number of chests. The first chamber past the bridge houses many Mimics; all chests in this room are Mimics, which can be fought for extra Eridium and loot drops.

Beyond the Mimics are 59 Dice Chests. Some of the Dice Chests are hidden and require jumping on railings and roofs to reach. Three of the dice chests are below the chain railing on the southernmost walkway, and are not accessible until an animation on the southern horizon plays. The animation is of a giant golem defeating another enemy. When the golem appears, the ground begins to shake. It is unknown what causes the animation to play.

"Loot, money, and blood! Such is the life of a Vault Hunter!"

Turn In: Mister Torgue



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