Rage is the title of a group of machine pistols in Borderlands that fire 5-round bursts.

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Usage & Description

Rage machine pistols are burst fire weapons with very high rates of fire. Accuracy can range from average to very high. Variants with high accuracy or recoil reduction can be used to aim for critical zones to good effect up to medium range despite the high recoil.


Rage is a title (Title_Firerate1_Rage) given to machine pistols that spawn with the Rage accessory (acc2_Rage). The accessory itself only gives a slight tech boost (which by itself is useless as being an accessory, it prevents the weapon from being elemental); the burst fire and fire rate boost are granted by the title instead. This means that while it's possible to find the Rage accessory on a legendary machine pistol (except the Reaper), it is impossible to obtain a legendary machine Pistol with the Rage effect.

acc2_Rage Title_Firerate1_Rage
Tech Level: +4 (Pre Add)

Burst Count: +5 (Pre Add)
Fire Rate: +100%
Recoil: +100%

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