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Rabid Adams is an unique Badass lunatic in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel first encountered during the mission Treasures of ECHO Madre. He has a pet tork who will fight alongside him.


Rabid Adams hid himself away in his treasure trove in a distant corner of Outlands Canyon when the Crackening occurred on Elpis. He made and hid a treasure map leading the way back there in the event he lost his way, marking the blocked off entrance with a pair of large girders in the shape of an X. As his time of solidity continued, he began suffering from delusions and visions, and is often unable to discern reality from fantasy.

When the Vault Hunters enter his trove, he (in a fit of delusion) and his pet tork attack to get rid of them.



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  • "They're coming back for me, they're coming back!"
  • "Go away, I don't fight imaginary people!"
  • "This isn't your home, it's mine!"


  • If Rabid Adams is killed but his pet tork remains unharmed, the tork will become friendly and the challenge No Animal Harmed is awarded.
  • Rabid Adams is the only source of the unique SMG Marek's Mouth, which he has a chance of dropping.