RPG is the title of a group of common rocket launchers and are manufactured exclusively by Vladof. The RPG is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

Every third rocket will be a free rocket that won't consume ammo regardless of the magazine capacity or the time at which it is reloaded, meaning that if the launcher is reloaded early, the gun will still register the number of shots before the next free rocket (which in turn means that free rocket chances will not be lost by reloading). This causes the gun to sometimes fail to automatically reload when it depletes the magazine because it registers the next shot as a free shot when the clip reads zero left.


  • This rocket launcher can spawn with either the bandit or Tediore barrels. When it does come in the bandit barrel, it has slightly more damage but less accuracy.
  • It will have the same skin when it is either blue or purple rarity as opposed to any other weapon type.
  • This is the only group of launchers that can feature one of two different barrels.


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