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RIOT Loaders are enemies encountered in Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC for Borderlands 3.



RIOT Loader wield forcefield shield in their right arm and baton in their left arm. Shields can be destroyed but will regenerate after a short period of time. At medium to long range, batons are used to launch volley of shock grenades. At melee range, batons are used to inflict impact and shock damage.

Quite often, RIOT Loaders place their shields in front and charging at full speed try to ram their targets. Once they start the ram charge, RIOT Loaders can not change their course. This attack is easy to avoid either by stepping to the side or by jumping over the charging RIOT Loader. Any obstacle in the path will break the attack.

All four limbs can be shot off and if that happens, RIOT Loader will continue attacking using continuous laser beam from its optic sensor located in the center of the upper torso. Optic sensor and limb joints are critical hit points.

RIOT Loaders are never equipped with shields and are vulnerable to corrosive damage.



  • Electrocution.
  • Charge.