For the Lawbringer skill, see Quick Shot.

Quickshot is the title of a group of common pistols and are manufactured exclusively by Tediore. They use the Vladof barrel. The Quickshot is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

Like any other pistol with a Vladof muzzle, the Quickshot comes with increased fire rate, magazine, recoil reduction and less accuracy. This also makes it only available at green or higher rarity.

For many Tediore guns, especially mid to short range weapons, the amount of damage inflicted is faster when reloading sooner which can also be more difficult to achieve because of the arching trajectory of the discarded weapon and the low velocity compared to the weapon's bullets, but this type of pistol balances that with a high fire rate.

The only downgrade in this weapon's base stats is the accuracy which can be improved by Zer0's skills making it a very deadly weapon in his hands. It is also a formidable weapon with Axton's Metal Storm skill which boosts the fire rate even further and being a Tediore weapon, the increased number of reloads does not become a problem.