Quicken is the tier 4 skill in Maya's Motion skill tree. It increases the cooldown rate of your Phaselock.


  • Cooldown Rate: +6% per level
Level 0 1 2 3 4 5
Cooldown time, sec 13 12.311.61110.510.0
Cooldown rate 100% 105,7%112,1%118,2%123,8%130%
Cooldown time reduction, sec 0 0.71.422.53
Cooldown time reduction per level, sec 0 0.740.660.590.530.48
Cooldown rate boost per level 0 +5.7%+6.4%+6.1%+5.6%+6.2%

There are no class mods that boost this skill beyond 5 levels.

Quicken skill video preview

Quicken skill video preview.


  • Quicken boosts the cooldown rate of Phaselock. It does not reduce the cooldown by the percent listed, but instead causes the cooldown timer to progress at an increased rate.
  • Adding other cooldown modifiers follows the same fixed pattern for Borderlands 2 cooldown effects: Actual Cooldown Time = Original Cooldown / (1 + total additional cooldown rate). For instance, adding a 15% cooldown reduction Binder class mod and a 10% cooldown reduction Proficiency relic to rank 5 Quicken (30%, for a total additional cooldown reduction of 55%) causes Phaselock to be usable after 13s / 1.55 = 8.37 seconds. 
  • Thoughtlock increases the base cooldown time from 13s to 17s, rather than increasing the time after Quicken is applied (that is, rank 5 Quicken does NOT cause Thoughtlock to recover in 14 seconds, but rather after 13 seconds). Quicken therefore has a slightly more noticeable effect on Thoughtlock than on standard Phaselock.

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