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Queen iOsaur, or iOsaur, Queen of the Scaleon by her full name, is a non-respawnable mini-boss encountered in Borderlands 3 during the mission Rumble in the Jungle.


Queen iOsaur is a unique uplifted Tyrant, and is the only one of her kind. She controls an army of Uplifted Pollygrogs and Uplifted Ravagers. She is in conflict with King Bobo.



  • Queen iOsaur has the following attacks:
    • Laser gun - uses an elemental laser mounted above its right eye.
    • Radiation glob - spits a fast-moving, large explosive ball of radiation from its mouth.
    • Radiation vomit - throws up several small radiation balls that explode after a short time and roll on the ground.
    • Jump stomp - jumps to create a close-range shockwave that knocks back the Vault Hunter.
    • Charge - charges at the Vault Hunter and ends with a jump stomp.


  • Queen iOsaur also goes by the name "The Saurian Queen of the Scaleon Totality".