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Queen Ant Wanette is a respawnable mini-boss encountered during the mission Just Desserts in Borderlands 3.


Queen Ant Wanette is a unique Spiderant Queen found in a Spiderant cave in The Splinterlands, in a cave located near the Chop Shop Fast Travel terminal.



  • Queen Ant Wanette will not appear until the Just Desserts optional mission has been started.
    • If the "Collect 12 Spiderant Eggs" objective has been completed but not the quest, Queen Ant Wanette will not respawn until the quest is finished.
  • Queen Ant Wanette has an increased chance to drop the legendary The Transformer shield.
  • Queen Ant Wanette's cave can be located directly in front of the Chop Shop fast travel station, roughly west, and are marked by large spiderant hives. She'll emerge from the lowest area in the cave.
  • While stronger than a typical Spiderant Queen, the same general tactics apply when fighting Queen Ant Wanette.
  • Like all Spiderants, her weakness is her abdomen which glows bright purple.
  • Queen Ant Wanette has the following moves:
    • Egg sac - fires 3 egg sacs as a range attack that deals damage and temporarily slows movement.
    • Melee - a strong melee attack that can knock back a Vault Hunter.
    • Royal egg sac - spawns stronger versions of Spiderlings called Royal Li'l Spiderlings.
  • While Queen Ant Wanette spawns during and after the mission, killing her is not a requirement as the character only has to collect spiderant eggs from fallen enemies.


  • Queen Ant Wanette is a reference to Queen Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France before the French Revolution, who was executed for high treason.


A Royal L'il Spiderling