Quarantine: Infestation is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Take care of the infestation and remove the lockdown.



"Sure, you always risk your life for loot -- but never your health! Until now."
  • Enter maintenance tunnel
  • Remove obstruction
  • Enter quarantine section
  • Kill infested workers: 0/6
  • Remove quarantine lockdown


This mission is available from the Worker Bot Command Station in the maintenance area of Veins of Helios. An opening in the floor of the maintenance area allows access to the maintenance tunnel, leading up to the blocked door of the quarantine area. A worker bot must be activated, which will then remove the debris blocking access to the contaminated zone.

Immediately inside the Quarantined Area, infected ex-Hyperion workers will appear. Tassiter will ask that they be terminated for sucking up oxygen and retirement benefits. A total of six infected must be killed to complete this objective.

When the infected are effectively terminated, a console must be activated to remove the quarantine lockdown. The mission may then be turned in at the bounty board in Jack's Office.


"Now Tassiter can get back to rebuilding the stuff you kinda sorta helped destroy."

Turn In: Jack's Office bounty board

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