Quarantine: Back On Schedule is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Tassiter needs you to get inside the quarantined section of the Veins of Helios and see if this infestation thing is the real deal.



"Tassiter needs your able/healthy-bodied assistance."
  • Report to Veins of Helios
  • Enter maintenance area
  • Activate failsafe
  • Seal doors
  • Open access portals
  • Activate force fields: 0/5
  • Release worker bots


This mission is available from the main bounty board in Jack's Office. The mission takes place in Veins of Helios, where the maintenance area, the interior area closest to the northernmost airlock in Central Maintenance, must be entered.

Once in the maintenance area, the failsafe, a console on the upper east-side platform, must first be activated. Then the doors must be sealed by activating a throw switch on the upper west-side platform. The portals must then be opened using a console on the mid-level between both upper platforms at the north end of the room.

When the failsafe engages, a count-down timer begins allowing thirty seconds to activate all five force fields. There are two force field push buttons on each upper level and a fifth button on a small platform on the floor of the west side of the room.

If the timer runs out before all force fields are activated, the mission fails and must be restarted from the worker bot command station, the left-hand console on the mid-level. The whole process must do done again: activate failsafe, seal doors, open access portals and activate force fields.

When all force fields are successfully activated within the time limit, the worker bots must be released from the mid-level console to allow access to the quarantine area. When this is completed, the mission may be turned in at the worker bot command station.


"Would you believe that was the easy and not-life-threatening part?"

Turn In: Worker Bot Command Station


  • When Tassiter is going through the instructions, he mentions an ECHOshow called The Big Explosion Hypothesis which is a reference to the TV series, The Big Bang Theory.

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