(Accept mission)

Tassiter: Hey, expendable moron. We're ready to resume construction on the inner hull, but the workers are whining about some sort of viral outbreak or something. Need you to get inside the quarantined section and see if this infestation thing is the real deal.

(Enter Veins of Helios)

Tassiter: The quarantined area's blocked off. You'll need to get to the maintenance tunnels and release some worker bots to open the way. Think you're up to the task? I'm not hopeful.

Tassiter: All you'll have to do is push a few buttons. This'll be so easy my braindead nephew could do it, and his favorite ECHO show is The Big Explosion Hypothesis. Sure you'll find a way to screw it up, though.

Tassiter: The first button activates the atmo failsafe. That's so if you die, we can send someone who isn't an idiot to do it correctly. The second button seals the doors, preventing you from jeopardizing the rest of the station and using up their oxygen. Breathing's a privilege, not a right. The third button will open access doors to the superstructure. It'll also vent all the atmo, which means you won't have much time to release the bots before the failsafe kicks in and resets everything. Or you suffocate. The latter will be more fun. Finally, to bring the atmosphere back, you'll need to turn on the force field for each access portal and seal the air inside. You get all that? Or did I use too many syllables? Get to work.

(Reach central maintenance)

Tassiter: Finally! You do know I'm not paying you by the hour, right?

(Activate failsafe)

Hyperion: Portal override now in progress. Atmospheric failsafe online.

(Use wrong button)

Tassiter: No, not that button, you idiot! The other one!

(Seal doors)

Hyperion: Inner doors sealed.

(Open access portals)

Hyperion: Access portals opening.

Tassiter: Amazing that you can count to three! I would NEVER have believed it.

Hyperion: Failsafe engaged. You have a limited time to complete your task. Activate force fields to complete manual override.

(Fail to activate force fields in time)

Tassiter: Are you always this dumb, or are you just trying to keep my expectations low?

(Activate force fields in time)

Tassiter: Now, release the worker bots, so they can get you into the quarantined area.

(Release worker bots)

Tassiter: Did you do that right on accident?

(Turn in)

Tassiter: Well, it took you long enough.

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