Pvt. Jessup is a Crimson Raider in Sanctuary who is initially located at the gate. He remains there until the relocation of Sanctuary, when he moves to just outside the Crimson Raider HQ.


Pvt. Jessup Will rotate through these sets of quotes each time you go back to Sanctuary

Quotes 1

  • Sir-slash-ma'am
  • Vault Hunter.
  • We will succeed.
  • Pleasure to meet you.
  • Jack doesn't stand a chance.
  • It's and honor to meet a Vault Hunter.
  • It's an honor.
  • Boy, am I glad you showed up.
  • The resistance has needed somebody like you for a while now.
  • Constant vigilance!

Quotes 2

  • Try to stay alive out there.
  • Back in the lance, they ordered us to kill Vault Hunters. Ironic.
  • Take it slow Vault Hunter, Jack ain't going anywhere.
  • There's no good or evil out here. Just the living and the dead.
  • You're good, but don't get cocky. That's how soldiers die.
  • How you holdin' up?
  • Keep fightin' til you die.
  • There's a Claptrap unit runnin' around town. He's been askin' about ya.
  • This is no planet for old men.
  • Be careful, Vault Hunter

Quotes 3

  • This place is just outside heaven for soldiers like us. Always something to fight.
  • I was stationed with Roland before he left the lance. Tenacious bastard.
  • Altas abandoned us Crimson Lance on Pandora when Knoxx died. Some of us joined Roland. Others became Bandits.
  • I remember when I was fighting tooth and nail to put Roland and his friends in the dirt. How things change...
  • Lot of us are ex-Crimson lance. Roland brought us here after the death of General Knoxx.
  • Why did I join the resistance? Because Roland offered me a choice between gun in my hand or a bullet in my brain. That's why.
  • The lance, the resistance--long as someone is paying me to fight, I'm happy.
  • You lead that claptrap here. For that, I will never forgive you.
  • Roland use to be ex-Lance, like us. Killed his CO-never did tell us why.
  • Welcome to the resistance, by the way.


  • First time meeting Pvt. Jessup, he will be wearing a Crimson Lance helment. Upon leaving and coming back to Sancuary he will sometimes take off his helmet and will be wearing sunglasses.
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