Putti are small flying Guardian enemies encountered in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Putti are spawned by the various varieties of Opha.



Putti fly in a slight zig-zag pattern which, coupled with their small size, can make them difficult to target. However, their very low health and lack of shields does mean that when attacks do connect, the Putti is significantly damaged if not outright killed.

Due to their small size and fast movement speed, weapons with either a wide projectile spread (such as Shotguns) or high fire rate (such as SMGs or Assault Rifles) are recommended to quickly dispatch of them.

In addition to shooting relatively damaging orbs of energy at their targets, the other major function of a Putti is recharging the shields of nearby damaged Guardians, which they can do rather effectively. If multiple Putti are recharging the shields of the same Guardian, it is highly likely that the recharge will outpace any inflicted damage.

If there's a turret base nearby, Putti will fuse whit it and become a Kestros ar Onager, depending on base's type.

Putti are also occasionally used by Ophas as projectiles. These Putti-projectiles are usually launched directly at Vault Hunters, but can also be launched into the air, homing in on the Opha's target instead. These Putti behave like rockets rather than enemies - they don't have a health bar but can be shot down to avoid the significant damage they can cause.


  • Putti require a mother Opha to be alive - killing the Opha that spawned it will also kill the Putti, but not provide any experience.
  • Most types of Opha can only have one non-elemental Putti active at a time. However, Virtuous Ophas can spawn elementally imbued Putti, and Opha Superiors can have multiple Putti active at once.
  • Shooting an Opha with an elemental weapon during the mission Z8N-TP will cause a Putti imbued with that element to drop out of the Opha. These Putti act as mission items and do not attack, instead simply falling to the floor. These Putti can only appear during this mission.
  • It is recommended to quickly dispose of any Opha during later rounds of The Holodome Onslaught, as the Putti can not only recharge the shields of Guardians and the fearsome Guardian Pondors, but are also capable of recharging the shields of Lost Legion troops.
  • In True Vault Hunter Mode, after their element, they are renamed as: Noble, Noxious, Jolting, Frozen, and Smoldering
  • In Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, after their element, they are renamed as: Reverant, Blistering, Stinging, Numb, and Burning


  • The name Putti is a reference to Putto - a figure in works of art depicted as a child, usually nude and sometimes winged, which can also be identified as Cupid.
    • In the Russian localization, Putti is translated as Putto (rus. Путто).
  • In addition to a Putti's resemblance to an infantile child angel, their method of being spawned - being pulled from an Opha's stomach - bears resemblance to a pregnant woman's womb.
  • In the game files for Borderlands are unused models and animations for a "Cherub" Guardian. The similarities in appearance reflects that these unused Cherubs eventually became Putti.


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