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Purple Juice! is an optional mission in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx given by Thirsty the Midget. The supply of the midgets' beloved "purple juice" must be restored to them.


"You've found a midget in distress. Through his ranting and mumbling you've managed to figure out that some bandits have cut off the midgets supply of 'purple juice' and they are starting to die of thirst. Maybe you should help them."



Purple Juice!

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Restore the flow of purple juice to the midgets.
  • Restore Brandybuck pump
  • Restore Took pump
  • Restore Gamgee pump
  • Restore Underhill pump


The pumps are not hard to find, clearly indicated on the map and easily spotted in the field. The first two pumps are in the middle of hostile camps, while operating the last two trigger ambushes.

The Brandybuck Pump is found deep within a midget settlement at the northernmost tip of the Sunken Sea. In addition to fighting off midgets, the town is filled with Lance Mines.

The Took Pump is found in the middle of a bandit settlement east-southeast of Lockdown Palace.

The Gamgee Pump is located at the southern side of the map, just west of the transition to The Ridgeway. Though it appears to be in a desolate, uninhabited location, midgets of all sorts will spawn at the pump's platform once the pump is turned on.

The fourth, Underhill, is at the western side of the map, directly west of the World's Largest Bullet and a short distance north from Skyscraper's spawn point. It is in an open area that can easily be driven to but is also near the patrol path of bandit Cheta Paws and the spawn locations of Drifters. Turning on the pump will cause two Cheta Paws to spawn and attack you.


"He seems to be much happier now that the flow of Purple Juice has been restored."



  • The names of the pumps are references to the names of the principle Hobbits in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Three are the names of Frodo Baggins' friends (Meriadoc Brandybuck, Peregrin Took, and Samwise Gamgee), and Mr. Underhill was the alias used by Frodo Baggins while traveling through a local town. The names were likely used for the pumps because of hobbits' and midgets' shared small stature.
  • The "Purple Juice" of the mission is an alteration of the real-world "Purple Drank", a recreational drug popular in the hip-hop community, made primarily with cough syrup (which gives it its purple color), along with soft drinks and other ingredients.