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For the Punk class mod, see Punk (class mod).

Punks are generic enemies appearing in Lockdown Palace in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.


The Punk is the generic bandit infantry exclusive to Lockdown Palace. It is a replacement for the common bandit types encountered in Borderlands, although continues the theme of the Lockdown Palace prisoners with their black and white striped garb. Their most distinguishing feature is a cloth mask with holes cut for the eyes, and lacing around the mouth area, that gives a vaguely scarecrow-like appearance.



Punks have been seen using combat rifles and occasionally, repeater pistols. They appear in all areas of the Lockdown Palace, and they are the most common bandit type there.

Punks will open fire on sight, and when they are fired upon they will usually run for cover. Similarly, they will attempt to move away from any attacker trying to melee them, preferring to shoot from ranges more suitable to their weapons.

Punks are unshielded, and are thus vulnerable to incendiary attacks.