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Pumpkinhead is an optional mission in The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned that becomes available on Jakobs Cove Bounty Board after Is The Doctor In? is complete. Patricia Tannis wants a legendary creature destroyed to prove that it is real.


"Patricia Tannis here. There have always been legends of a mysterious and elusive creature out at Jakobs Cove. Some people call him Pumpkinhead. Pretty spooky, huh? I just call him Bob. As a scientist with a bit of a crackpot reputation, this story captivates me. I would love a first-hand account of the creature. Of course, the best way to prove something like this exists - which will then vindicate a so-called 'obsession with such a frivolous pursuit' - is a body. So while a really blurry picture or an ECHO with some unidentifiable sounds on it would be nice, a corpse would be better. It's said to roam the swamps but only comes out when people carve creepy faces into pumpkins and put candles in them. Doesn't make sense to me, but I never was any good at cooking."




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Find and kill the mythical Pumpkinhead
  • Jack-o-lantern 1 lit
  • Jack-o-lantern 2 lit
  • Corpse found


The mission waypoint indicates the Pumpkin Patch where there are 2 jack-o-lanterns set on pedestals to be lit. Once they are alight, Pumpkinhead will be drawn out of his cave.

Pumpkinhead has a charge attack, which can stun and knock characters back. He also has a fire breath attack, which he precedes by stopping to draw breath. This forewarning ensures that this attack can be predicted and therefore avoided. Pumpkinhead's critical hit zone is the large pumpkin he has for a head. Being such an easy target this can be exploited effectively with automatic fire weapons to keep him reeling. He can be effectively shot at from atop the wall of the Shady Oaks cemetery next to the Pumpkin Patch.


"You left the body to rot in the swamp?! What good will that do me? Amateurs..."

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  • The mission name is a reference to the 1988 horror film Pumpkinhead.
  • Contrary to the other Jakob's Cove bounty board missions, this mission says Jakob's Cove Bounty Board (B's being capitalized for some reason.)
  • Using a scoped weapon, zooming on the empty neck of the corpse shows that the head is still attached and glowing, just shrunken.
  • When killed with a headshot, Pumpkinhead drops Zombie Brains.