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Psycho Zombies are zombified versions of the normal Psycho. In addition to being more mobile than normal zombies, they also have a "berserk" mode, making them high-priority targets in combat.



Psycho Zombies use the standard melee and puking attacks from normal Zombies. Compared to other Zombies, its melee attack is much faster and more lethal. They also have a habit of zig-zagging while up close while being avoided, making close range combat incredibly dangerous even for a zombie.

Upon staggering from a shot by a Vault Hunter (eg. being knocked down), Psycho Zombies enter a berserk state. This state is signified by the zombie's eyes glowing blood red and it giving louder combat screams. In berserk state, the zombie's movement speed will be dramatically increased, to the point a Vault Hunter is unable to run away from it without speed boosts.

The best way to deal with a Psycho Zombie is to stay out of its range and aim for the head with a high damage sniper rifle or high-accuracy shotgun if it gets too close.


  • Psycho Zombies can be observed, using a Sniper Rifle or other weapon with a large zoom, moving at extreme speed from a distance. When they are shot, they will return to their normal speed until they take enough damage to activate "Rage Mode."

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