Psycho Krieg is an NPC in the Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck DLC for Borderlands 3



  • If you're going to sing, duet!
  • Who bears my palms?
  • Home is where the heart sleeps!
  • Of skags and men, who gets the bone?
  • The seesaw has balanced. Time for recess!
  • Why am i festooned?
  • Where is my finale!
  • Shocking finale! (during Locus of Rage mission)
  • Who rends, and who mends?
  • Antlers!
  • Beware the gaze of lieberman!
  • Pretty lady, pretty lady! (during Inhuman Trials mission)
  • The sun sets blue!
  • I am the thief who steals the shadow?
  • My kingdom for a kingdom!
  • Kill the chef!
  • A flower blooms, red and ready!
  • The moon hides from me?
  • Me and Mister problems had a falling out!
  • Peas and ants, a kings bounty!
  • An ant hill, Who hides the bodies?
  • Bite by bite, time's remorse!
  • Do we keep time, or are seconds sand?
  • A cutting block!
  • Rule of thumb. Take the thumb!

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