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Psychos are the deranged maniacs of Pandora commonly armed with buzz-axes and grenades. Their appearance and personalities are identical as in previous games, though in Borderlands 3, they are all affiliated under one cult, the Children of the Vault.

They are the main melee forces of the COV, with their ranged counterparts being the Fanatics, and the heavy units being the Bruisers, Maulers and Enforcers.


Even after the events of Borderlands 2, the psychotic maniacs of Pandora did not change much, with majority of them having no leader and wandering about aimlessly. Some time before the events of Borderlands 3, two twin Sirens, Tyreen Calypso and Troy Calypso, landed on Pandora with the goal of fame and fortune. They took note of the mental states of Pandora's inhabitants and, realizing they had the opportunity to command an entire deranged army, began making attempts at speaking the Psycho's language to radicalize them.

Tyreen and Troy's attempts did not succeed at first, with Troy's written monologues being misunderstood by the psychos and Tyreen initially reacting with disgust from their habits (such as one of them wearing a necklace of skag testicles). However, they gained notoriety within the psychos due to Tyreen's Siren abilities, calling the twins "that Siren Witch and her sickly brother".

Eventually, after Troy researched further into the psycho's language, Tyreen managed to convince the psycho population that she was "The God-Queen, Child of the Vaults" (with a little help from her vomiting from Troy's written dialogue, which was taken as "blessed stomach gravy" by the psychos). The twins soon realized that they only needed to talk to the psychos and give them empty promises to gain their obedience, as the psychos were already so mentally deranged that they did not exactly have logic.

Eventually, the psychos expanded into a massive mindless cult known as the Children of the Vault set on finding one thing: The Great Vault.


Psychos are the main melee forces of the COV, and are one of the most common enemies in the game. They heavily prefer melee combat, constantly chasing after the Vault Hunters in an attempt to swing their buzz-axes at them. At close range, they may perform a single or double swing, and occasionally a spinning attack. At medium range, they will occasionally perform a dramatic jump while performing an aerial swing. They will also throw their buzz-axe while in combat, or to attack a Vault Hunter who is out of reach.

Standard Psychos now appear in both genders, with both male and female variants spouting nonsensical lines and yelling at the top of their voice. Like in Borderlands 2, there are many varieties of Psychos, some with unique abilities.

Psycho Units



Male - Combat

  • Every morning I cry, because the moon IS DEAD!
  • Slam-a-bam! Sloppy jam!
  • I'm a bad egg, and I came first!
  • Now YOU scream!
  • Who, got your nose? ME! IN A MINUTE!
  • Look at me god dammit! LOOK AT ME!
  • Blam, potato! Poetry, Yeah!
  • Look what I did!
  • You must be jam, BECAUSE I LOVE JAM!
  • For three easy payments of $14.99, you will belong to me!
  • I will summit your mountainous meats and claim them mine!
  • I planted a kazoo and it came out a vuvuzela...SKREE!
  • I'm a salty boy! SALTY! SALTY! SALTY!
  • I need some more zest for my lung salsa, cha-cha-cha!
  • Potato gardening!
  • For dinosaurs!
  • Lemonade!
  • Such profit to be had!
  • Toot! Toot! Butt juice!
  • No! YOU'RE mostly crushed up children!
  • Hope you enjoy my... SUCKEROLE!
  • If you take second, I'll take a whole hour!
  • Oh hello little snail! WHERE IS YOUR HOUSE!?

Male - Throwing Buzzaxe

  • Apply directly to the forehead!
  • Throw it back mom!
  • You left this at my place! Call me!
  • Take your records back! I can't play them anyway!
  • Tuesday special!

Female - Combat

  • I don't believe in you!
  • Pounding, burning, THRASHING!
  • Chop the meat!
  • I'm not a cannibal, you're an animal!
  • Make like a tree and...WHAT'S A TREE!?
  • I'm going to make you shit so hard it'll stain your soul!
  • Like a rock...BUT NOT!
  • Pointy presents!
  • Don't stare at the entrance to my organ jail!"
  • You're gonna be my knew bored PUPPET!

Male - On Death

  • Perishable by design, yet I subsist!
  • Fork this mask! I need a helmet!
  • Oh... sis is going to shit all over you!
  • And yet, I'm still sitting!
  • Another shall be revealed to me soon...
  • I am older... than you know...
  • HAHAHA! Luckily I'm-..."
  • What's even real?!
  • I'm the face, and you're the mule! SCREW YOU, MULE!
  • Leiberman knows! He knows! FIND LEIBERMAN!
  • Don't taste me!
  • This body is NOT MINE!
  • Remember to live life lightly!
  • Obstacle mode!
  • Though I shiver, my longing ends!
  • You're a freak!
  • Mister moon... tell me about the sky...
  • I'm a basket made of gnomes!
  • In my long sleep shall I awaken!
  • Truly, all is permited...
  • Nope! Not gonna!

Female - On Death

  • I would have preferred a thank you!
  • For the Calypsos I would gladly shatter!
  • It's a dog-eat-dog world...
  • Put that experience to good use...
  • This is turning out to be a real bummer...
  • Good luck on your quest!
  • That's it, you're out of book club!
  • Circumstances dictate everything!
  • Finally away from...Leiberman...
  • Keep my brother away from...Leiberman...
  • See you in the sequel...
  • Who dies screaming anyway!?
  • Prison break...from the bone jail...
  • Dream I dream and the construct shatters...
  • Oh, but you musn't...
  • Who... are you...
  • He was supposed the one...



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