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A Proximity Mine is a proximity-based grenade that has been equipped with a Proximity Mine Grenade Mod. Proximity Mines wait to explode until an enemy gets close. Proximity Mines are manufactured by Vladof.

Usage & Description

After thrown, if the Proximity Mine falls near an enemy or enemy construct (about two feet) it will immediately arm itself and detonate after a second or so. If it does not fall within a few feet of an enemy, it will stick to whatever surface it impacts. Then it will wait until an enemy comes in close proximity, arm itself, and detonate after a second or so. If the Proximity Mine does not encounter an enemy after 90 seconds it will detonate. Proximity mines remain dormant until armed and cannot be triggered by weapons fire, other explosions, or by allies walking over them. Proximity Mines can be used in a variety of defensive and offensive measures. When encountering known spawn points, such as the Circle of Slaughter and Circle of Duty missions, Proximity Mines can be placed around the spawn points before triggering the spawn to deliver massive damage to the enemy vanguard. When in areas with enemies that must come in close to attack, such as the mostly melee-based zombies of The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, Proximity Mines can be placed in the path of on-coming foes to deliver damage before they reach their target.


  • Smarter enemies will avoid triggering the Proximity Mines, allowing the opportunity to separate enemies from each other and make them easier to deal with, block off a chokepoint, or otherwise provide general area denial. In this manner the Proximity Mine is useful even if it never actually directly deals damage to an enemy.
  • Because of its unique proximity- and fuse-based nature, the Proximity Mine is not terribly effective against air-borne enemies.
  • There is a glitch with associated with Proximity Mines in Crawmerax's Lair. If Proximity Mines are dropped next to the vending machines and then the player exits the area, characters returning to the vendors will trigger the mines and take heavy damage.
  • A Siren in Phasewalk will trigger any enemy Proximity Mines in her path, through she will not take damage herself.

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