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Proof of Wife is an optional mission in Borderlands 3.


"The bandit Tumorhead will hand over an Atlas soldier she kidnapped if we free the psychotic love of her life, Bloodshine, currently imprisoned by the cop bots. Looks like a prisoner exchange, and it's gonna go flawlessly. Definitely."



  • Go to hideout
  • Get rid of cop bots
  • Ring buzzer
  • Head to Police HQ
  • Use intercom
  • Destroy cop bots
  • Free Bloodshine
  • Collect Bloodshine's mask
  • Return to hideout
  • Place Bloodshine's mask
  • Kill Bloodshine's friends: 0/3
  • Kill entire wedding party
    • Kill Bloodshine's best man
    • Kill Bloodshine's sister
    • Kill Bloodshine's mother
    • Kill Tumorhead
  • Free Naoko


Corrosive weapons are recommended to clear out the 3-4 waves of cop bots will spawn at the police HQ. If a bot creates a dome shield, it can be disabled with a shock weapon.

When Bloodshine has been freed, she becomes hostile to the Vault Hunter and has to be killed. Naoko will instruct the Vault Hunter to grab her mask and use it as a disguise to get into Tumorhead's hideout.

The entire wedding party consists of exclusively flesh-based enemies such as fanatics and psychos, although is a high chance of a badass enemy spawning with armor.


Turn in:


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  • If the mission is completed after Atlas, At Last, Naoko will give an additional comment showing her surprise with Katagawa Jr.'s death after being freed.

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