Promote the Ranks is a tier 6 skill in Jack's The Hero of This Story skill tree.

This skill allows Jack to spawn Badass versions of his Digi-Jacks. Badass Digi-Jacks can be differentiated from standard Digi-Jacks by their size, being twice as large as a standard Digi-Jack. They are additionally colored orange, while standard Digi-Jacks are colored blue.

Upon using Expendable Assets, the first Digi-Jack spawned will be a guaranteed Badass Digi-Jack, while each Digi-Jack spawned thereafter has a 33% chance to be a Badass.

Baddass Jacks deal increased damage and have higher maximum health. Additionally, they will occasionally fire a "Digi-Missile Barrage", which involves them pointing both arm cannons to the sky to fire an orange Incendiary bolt that splits into five smaller homing bolts.


Jack (Upon spawning Badass)

  • You don't know... my name! Awwwww! We did it folks, yeah, we did it!
  • Oh yeah? I have a Badass of my own!
  • That's right, it's a Badass Jack!
  • You're promoted!
  • Promotion time!

Badass Digi-Jack (Upon spawning)

  • Hellooooo... there.
  • Badass.
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