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A megapolitan city-planet, glimmering with new technology and an unsustainable amount of noodle shops. When Atlas first discovered a Vault on Promethea, it triggered a new golden age of expansion, research, and profit margins.
— In-game description

Promethea is an urbanized planet and the headquarters of the Atlas corporation. Atlas claimed Promethea shortly after Eridian technology was found there, and reverse-engineered the tech for use in starships and weaponry. The planet fell on hard times after Atlas stopped investing in its infrastructure due to declining profitability, and the situation worsened after Atlas was defeated on Pandora and collapsed, with some claiming that life on Promethea was even harsher than on the notoriously anarchic Pandora. Recently, with Atlas revitalized under the leadership of CEO Rhys Strongfork, the planet began to recover until Maliwan launched an invasion.


The Crimson Lance were known to have a military presence on the planet, with which Roland served "two tours," as stated by General Knoxx.

Living conditions are presumably harsh, or at least worse than the already difficult life for Pandoran settlers, as an Atlas propaganda message at T-Bone Junction (when referring to the positive side of Pandora) states " least you're not on Promethea!". Citizens of Sanctuary occasionally comment to the same effect.[1]

Borderlands 3

In Borderlands 3, Promethea is occupied by Maliwan forces, turning the metropolitan wonderlands into a warzone. The Children of the Vault have taken this opportunity to recruit displaced and disgruntled citizens.




  • On Promethea, the sun never sets and appears fixed in the sky. There is an irregular day/night cycle as asteroids move across the sun throughout the day.
  • The sky is dim on Promethea and the stars can be seen at any time of day even in broad daylight.


  • In Greek mythology, Prometheus is the Titan who stole fire from Zeus to give to the human race. After the war with the Olympians, Prometheus defected to the side of the mortals. Pandora's Box was then created through Zeus' will as a sort of revenge on men for Prometheus giving them fire. Fire can be symbolically seen as the advanced technology the Atlas corporation acquired, with Pandora clearly being the planet on which Borderlands takes place.
  • Promethea is Doc Mercy and Roland's homeworld.
  • In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, in Concordia, there is a sign in the middle where it says each planet to visit. Promethea is mentioned in the sign, along with Pandora.
  • In Borderlands 2, the Hyperion sniper rifle Morningstar states that: "there are children on Promethea who can't afford ammo, you know!"
  • In PAX East 2016 Gearbox Software teased that DLC missions for Battleborn would have easter eggs about next Borderlands game:
    • In first DLC, graffiti was found with the word "Promethea" depicted; the Vault symbol instead of last letter "A" being present.[2]
    • All five stories contained hidden messages in audio signals which were decoded as:
      "Visit Promethea / Children of the Vault / We are not on Pandora anymore / Tannis is not what she seems / Do not open the Vaults".[3]