Proletarian Revolution is a legendary pistol manufactured by Vladof that appears in the Claptastic Voyage DLC. It is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from EOS.

Special Weapon Effects

Strength in numbers, comrades! – Magazine size increases over time when the gun is not fired.

Usage & Description

The Proletarian Revolution's unique ability makes it useful as a first-choice option for entering combat, as it provides a respectably powerful weapon with a large magazine size that gets a larger magazine size and more power the longer it remains unused. This, however, can also be the gun's greatest limitation, as if the gun is accidentally reloaded, all of its accumulated bonuses are removed.

As there is no limit to the magazine's size increase other than the maximum amount of pistol ammo in the wielder's reserves, the Proletarian Revolution can greatly benefit from Aurelia's Large Caliber skill without the decrease in magazine size negatively impacting the weapon.


  • The magazine size of the Proletarian Revolution reverts back to what is listed on the item card whenever any of the following occurs:
    • Opening the inventory.
    • Switching or reloading weapons.
    • Using a Vending Machine.
    • Accessing a mission beginning/ending screen.
  • The Proletarian Revolution can be reloaded even when its magazine is full, however, this will reset its magazine size to what was listed in its item card.
  • If the Proletarian Revolution is held for a sufficient amount of time where the character's entire ammo reserve becomes its magazine size, the ammo display bar will slowly shrink as if the magazine was emptying slowly.
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