Projectile velocity is the speed at which a projectile travels. Bullets don't reach their targets instantaneously in Borderlands and this criteria should be taken into account when choosing a weapon. Not all weapons fire their projectiles at the same speed.


While obviously things such as rockets will move slower than a bullet it is still worthwhile to note that not all bullets move at the same speed.

Some very high damage weapon variants, such as Cold Machine Pistols or Stomper Combat Rifles for example, come with a significant bullet velocity reduction.

Even as a whole some classes of weapons will simply have slower bullets, such as SMGs and Repeater Pistols. Combat Rifles and Revolvers, on the other hand, all have relatively high bullet velocities.


The following list contains the velocity of the projectiles of almost all the weapons in Borderlands. These speeds were measured by user Scottes in this Borderlands Forum Thread. Weapons with an asterisk (*) have not been directly measured but their speeds were extrapolated from existing data.

Speeds were originally measured in game "units". They are given as mph and also compared to the base speed of an SMG.

Weapon Speed (units) Speed (mph) Speed
(Relative to SMG)
Walking 500 4 0.04x
Running 675 5.4 0.05x
Assault Shotgun 20000 165 1.54x
Combat Shotgun 20000 165 1.54x
Carnage* 3000 24 0.22x
Combat Rifle 22500 186 1.73x
Stomper* 7500 62 0.58x
Machine Gun 22500 186 1.73x
SMG 13000 107 1.00x
Repeater Pistol 15000 124 1.16x
Machine Pistol 15000 124 1.16x
Cold Machine Pistol* 3750 31 0.28x
Revolver 25000 207 1.93x
Rocket Launcher 3000 24 0.22x
Harpoon* 6000 48 0.45x
Evil Rocket Launcher* 6000 48 0.45x
Evil Harpoon* 9000 72 0.67x
Scorpio Turret 8000 66 0.62x
Sniper Rifle 30000 248 2.31x
Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle 30000 248 2.31x
Cyclops 60000 482 4.50x
Bessie* 60000 482 4.50x
Eridian Cannon 1200 9 0.08x
Eridian Thunder Storm 8000 66 0.62x
Eridian Lightning 80000 662 6.19x
Eridian Blaster 3000 24 0.22x
Eridian Ball Blaster 800 6 0.06x
Longbow Grenade Not Measured Not Measured Not Measured
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