Professor Nakayama, I Presume? is a main story mission in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt.



  • Find giant scaylion
  • Kill Thermitage
  • Find savage village
  • Kill savages' deity
  • Save Claptrap
  • Save Claptrap again


Thermitage appears once a number of scaylions have been killed in its 'arena'. It first rushes towards its target, and once in range it lashes out with a flurry of melee attacks. Should these be avoided, Thermitage continues to rush with a high movement speed. It then uses a short range attack, which appears to be emitting an acid based attack. The melee attacks do significant damage, while the corrosive attack does only a little, but also has a blinding effect. This attack style continues throughout the fight until Thermitage is defeated.


"You found and saved... Claptrap. What have you done?!

Turn In: Claptrap



  • The name of the mission, 'Professor Nakayama, I Presume?', refers to a quote from a journalist in November 10th 1871, after he saw a white person in the middle of Africa. His quote was: "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"
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