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Professor Nakayama, I Presume? is a main story mission in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt.



  • Find giant scaylion
  • Kill Thermitage
  • Find savage village
  • Kill savages' deity
  • Save Claptrap
  • Save Claptrap again


Thermitage appears once a number of scaylions have been killed in its 'arena'. It first rushes towards its target, and once in range it lashes out with a flurry of melee attacks. Should these be avoided, Thermitage continues to rush with a high movement speed. It then uses a short range attack, which appears to be emitting an acid based attack. The melee attacks do significant damage, while the corrosive attack does only a little, but also has a blinding effect. This attack style continues throughout the fight until Thermitage is defeated.


"You found and saved... Claptrap. What have you done?!

Turn In: Claptrap



  • Under unclear circumstances, one may have unlocked the Scylla's Grove Fast Travel station at the village where Claptrap is found before even entering the map. In this case, reaching the village is extremely easy; one need merely go from the station on the cliff to the elevator.
  • By positioning oneself behind the fence to the right of the elevator, one may block all or almost all enemy attacks including projectiles, leaving one to pick enemies off at ease through a gap in the fencing that allows shots and grenades to pass through but not spears.


  • The name of the mission, 'Professor Nakayama, I Presume?', refers to a quote from a journalist in November 10th 1871, after he saw a white person in the middle of Africa. His quote was: "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"