Prize Fighter is a Tier Three talent in Brick's Brawler tree. It gives you a chance to literally punch cash out of your enemies while in Berserk mode, starting with a 6% chance per punch with one skill point invested and maxing out with a 30% chance after five points.

Skill Progression

Chance to spawn cash 6%12%18%24%30%


Note that the "cash prizes" are not spawned as wads of banknotes that fall to the ground like normal cash loot; the cash is credited directly into the Berserker's cash total in his inventory.

This is a very rarely used skill, as money is rarely a limiting factor in Borderlands. Thus, it is only likely to be of any use in the very early stages of the game, yet it is first available only at level 16 - by which time it has already started to diminish in utility.

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