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Mr. Shank and an Enforcer

Prisoners were introduced in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx and are a group unique to Lockdown Palace. They typically wear black and white striped clothing, and are otherwise very similar to various types of bandits.


Once a prison island in the Sunken Sea, Lockdown Palace formed a secure holding facility for some of Pandora's hardened criminals. With the collapse of all civilised structuring in the area, the prisoners have cast off their shackles and taken over.


Athena has contacted the Vault Hunters and tasked them with a few small errands to prove themselves before meeting face-to-face. Unfortunately by the time these objectives are taken care of she has been captured, and is then incarcerated in Lockdown Palace to be traded to the Crimson Lance for her bounty. The Vault hunters are then forced to venture into the home of the prisoners to extract her.


Prisoner Units[]

Prisoner Bosses[]


Prisoners ambush singly, or in small groups. All other than named bosses are unshielded, so incendiary attacks are highly effective. The tight confines of Lockdown Palace dictate that most of the fighting will be happening at close ranges, so most weapons make for reasonable weapon selections, although sniper rifles tend to be less effective than usual, and rocket launchers can be problematic if blasts are close to the wielder.


  • The prisoners of Lockdown Palace are all insinuated to be homosexual or bisexual. This includes an effeminate nature indicated by Athena's dialogue when she is rescued, which alleges that the prisoners were interested in doing her nails.

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