Prison Break: Road Warrior is a story mission in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx given by Moxxi.


"You need to infiltrate Lockdown Place, an old prison that is now a town run by the former inmates. Their leader, Mr. Shank, has kidnapped Athena with plans to turn her in to the Crimson Lance for the substantial reward money. You need to infiltrate the prison and rescue her. The highway has Crimson Lance roadblocks that need to be removed."


Prison Break Road Warrior

Prison Break Road Warrior

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Clear the roadblocks between you and Lockdown Palace.
  • Removed South roadblock
  • Removed North roadblock


The objective with this mission is to travel to the roadblocks on The Ridgeway and deactivate each force field to open access to the Sunken Sea beyond. The switch at each roadblock is positioned on the upper level and can only be approached on foot. The south roadblock is populated by various Lance personnel, with a heavy concentration of Lance Pyros, while the north roadblock has a high number of Lance Chemical Troopers.

All of these troops can be fairly easily handled with sufficient ammo, but due to the length of the battles and the scarcity of ammo supplies, running out of ammo is a real risk, in which case Eridian weapons may come in handy. Corrosive weapons are otherwise very effective for most of the area, however the higher concentrations of corrosive-resistant Chemical Troopers at the north roadblock should be fought with other damage types.


"With the roadblocks down, it's time to find Lockdown Palace."

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  • The title of this mission is an allusion to the 1981 movie, Mad Max 2, also known as The Road Warrior.
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