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Principal Guardians are fast and mobile melee strikers within the Guardians ranks, left by the Eridians to protect ancient Eridian holdings.



Principal Guardians will rush in to attack at melee range with potent energy blades that extend from their arms. They are usually encountered in the company of other Guardian types, presenting a challenging encounter if they manage to get in close while their fellow Guardians add ranged fire from a distance.

Maintaining distance on them and attacking from range is usually the best approach. This reduces the problem of getting tangled in a crossfire of Principal Guardians slashing away at melee range while energy blasts are poured on from other nearby attackers.

They have very high shields, and low health, so as with other Guardians Shock damage attacks are recommended to get their shields depleted. Once their shields are down, they will die quickly to damage on their comparatively weak bodies.

Mordecai's Trespass skill is useful to kill them quickly by allowing weapons to bypass their shields entirely.


  • The name "Principal" is most probably a reference to one of the ranks of Angels in Christian tradition, Principality (angel). This follows the naming scheme of the other Eridian Enemies (cf. "Arch" and "Sera").